We, at Horizon Fisheries Pvt. Ltd. are dedicated to achieve excellence in environment and sustainability by optimal the use of water, electricity and other available natural resources. We are committed to safe-guard environment by minimizing the waste production and adopting suitable and Eco-friendly method for waste collection and disposal.

Since April 2003, Horizon Fisheries Pvt. Ltd. is in compliance with the regulatory standards; and has not received any complaints from the regulatory bodies ,regarding any negative impact to the environment. Our company operations are literally free from any monetary fines and values raised due to non-conformance or violations of the regulatory requirements. We are certified ISO 14001:2015 (Environment Management System) standard; which are, set out international standard guidelines to manage the environment of our operations, and to identify, minimize and control the impacts to the environment, from our operational aspects. We promote the most sustainable method of fishing – Pole and Line fishing method; which is well known for its one-by-one catch of fish using pole, one hook on one line; meaning that no other marine life is harmed in the process. We are a proud member of International Pole and Line Foundation (IPNLF).

Management at horizon fisheries are committed to encourage and support the fishing community involved in the sustainable fishing of tuna and contribute to the community development through  our corporate social responsibility.


Quality assurance at Horizon Fisheries Pvt. Ltd. is achieved through the maintenance of an approved level of quality in a product or process, especially by means of meticulous attention and extra care at every stage on the process of production. We, at Horizon Fisheries Pvt. Ltd. are dedicated to achieve excellence in quality throughout the supply chain; even during product storage and product shelf-life. We have adopted different international standards in our process to ensure safe and quality food for our customers.

Our quality assurance wing includes well trained, competent employees to carry out online quality control and in house testing programs. Quality assurance concept starts from fish harvesting and ends at the customer’s table; where various parameters on biological, physical and chemical factors are tested throughout the production process. We ensure products manufactured at Maandhoo Fisheries Complex are compliant with international food safety standards and customer requirements.

Horizon Fisheries adopts risk based management system approach in its operations to ensure the safety of end customers. Our company is very keen on observing and implementing the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015(Quality Management System) standard and GFSI standards like BRC, FSSC 22000 in our process. A process driven approach is used to define goals regarding product design, development and production. Our Sales and Marketing wing conducts market research and new product development with the joint effort from Quality Assurance team.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy of Horizon Fisheries Pvt. Ltd. strives for broad concepts including human rights, corporate governance, health & safety and environmental effects; which ultimately aims at the drive towards sustainability. Some of the various international certification standards Horizon fisheries Pvt. Ltd. has been very keen on are as follows:

 MSC CoC Certification

A traceability and segregation standard that is applicable to the full supply chain from a certified fishery or farm to final sale.


Fair Trade USA Certification

Aims at empowerment and economic development of fishing community, health and safety, protection of human rights, improve quality of healthcare and education of fishing community and environmental stewardship including responsible fishing practices, diversity protection and fishery management.

Horizon Fisheries Pvt. Ltd. adopts and understand the importance of compliance to all applicable health and safety standards and regulations related to work at the factory and the supply chain. We respect the values, culture and ethics of our employees, suppliers and customers. We are committed to safeguard the health of our employees by implementing various applicable health and safety standards in our operations. We are proud to be a member of Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA).



2017 : 1st place in Tuna process, value added exporter in Maldives
Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture
2016 : Recognition in Development & Contribution to Fisheries industry
Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture
2015 : 3rd place in Tuna processing, Value addition category
Expo Maldives
2015 : 2nd place in Tuna processing, Value addition category
Expo Maldives
2014 : Recognition award
Maldives National Defense Force
2014 : Award of Recognition
Ministry of Economic Development of Maldives
2011 : 3rd place in Tuna export from Maldives
Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture
2011 : Top 3 tuna exporters in Maldives
Maldives Customs Authority
2010 : 3rd place in Tuna export from Maldives
Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture
2006 : 2nd place in Tuna export from Maldives
Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture
2005 : 2nd place in Tuna export from Maldives
Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture