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Our Tuna brand “Rahameeru” is a genuine product of Maldives.

All our products are tuna caught by local fishermen using traditional method of Pole and line fishing. It is processed and packed at our factory (Maandhoo Fisheries Complex) based at Laamu Atoll.

Horizon is committed to producing highest quality products and ensuring the safety of products.

All our tuna are caught one at a time by pole and line which means there is no bycatch and no marine life was harmed during the process.

POLE & LINE: One hook, One line, One fisherman, One fish caught at a time!



Horizon Fisheries Pvt Ltd  was incorporated on 30th April 2003 in the Maldives.

With the aim of conducting fisheries related business, Horizon Fisheries started its operation on 16th September 2003 after taking over Maandhoo Fisheries Complex (MFC) located in Laamu atoll from the Maldivian government through a competitive public bidding process. MFC is the largest of its kind in the country where we own a new state of art, world class canned tuna processing factory capable of processing 80MT per day of raw materials for canning/Pouching/cooked loins. Other projects in the site includes a 15MT chilled and super frozen tuna loins plant, 10MT traditional smoked and dried tuna unit and a 50MT fish meal plant. Apart from this, at MFC we have a cold storage of 3500 MT and a total of 4000MT storage capacity including our fleets. We also own a 1000MT capacity floating cold storage, a deep-water berth for shipping and a fishermen’s harbor to meet our processing capabilities.

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Our Mission

Serve with total commitment, foster continual improvement and aim to harness the creativity and aspirations of our employees to keep our promise to our customers, shareholders and society.

Our Goals

  • Maximizing shareholders wealth.
  • To create financial and career opportunities for our employees.
  • To have world class management system.
  • To be environment friendly in our operation.
  • To serve our customers beyond their expectation.
  • To foster continual improvement through best practices.
  • Improve livelihood of fishermen.

Values we believe in

  • Ethics
  • Professionalism
  • Quality
  • Good governance
  • Innovation
  • Conservation
  • Awards and recognition

Statement of commitment

We, at Horizon Fisheries Private Ltd are dedicated to achieve excellence in all services provided by us to our customers. We are responsible for aligning our activities in line with our Management System Policy & Objectives and will strive to achieve customer satisfaction by our strict adherence to the Management System practices.

We will ensure conformity to the applicable requirements of the International Standards as per FSSC 22000, BRC Global standard food safety, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, social & ethical standards, customer standards andother applicable statutory & regulatory requirements; and thereby achieve customer satisfaction. We are committed to attain the management system objectives through full participation in the implementation of Management Systems in letter and in spirit.