Horizon Fisheries Pvt Ltd  was incorporated on 30th April 2003 in the Maldives.

With the aim of conducting fisheries related businesses, the company started its operation on the 16th of september 2003 after taking over the Maandhoo Fishries Complex (MFC) from the Maldivian government through the competitive public bidding process.

Although located in the Laamu Atoll, the company presently has a license from the Maldivian government to manage and operate fishers projects, in the fishing zones 3 & 4 of the country recognized as the most abundant in the fish resources.

In a short period of time, we have become one of the leading fish processing and marketing companies in the country. The head office is situated in the capital of Maldives, Male’ and the processing operations are carried out at the Maandhoo Fisheries complex (MFC) in Laamu atoll.

Our activities include the collection, storage, processing and Marketing of Tuna and Tuna related products.

We also own and mange a fleet of vessels to assist in the collection of fresh Skipjack Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna from different fishing grounds within our permitted fishing zones. Our vessels includes 5 Collector vessels and 5 Mother vessels.

Since the inception of the company we have heavily invested in diversifying our business to meet both the needs of the Maldivian fishing industry and most importantly our international customers.

Our new World Class Canned tuna processing factory is capable of processing 100 MT per day of raw material for Canning, Pouching and as Cooked Loins, 15 MT per day at the Fresh Tuna loins plant, 25 MT at the Katsuobushi plant and 10 MT Dried Fish (Maldive Fish) to be used in our  deeper freezing facilities. We are  committed of producing and delivering of the highest quality tuna products that are caught by the traditional and most sustainable method of Skipjack fishing, Pole and Line.

The Maldives Skipjack Fishery is 100% Pole and Line, and as such, protects the marine environment and other ocean species such as Dolphins, Turtles and avoids non- targeted by catch.

Our Vision

Our vision is very simple, yet we are very dedicated to it. It is to be the leader in the Fisheries trade in the Maldives.

Our Mission

We always serve with total commitment, foster continual improvement ,and we aim to harness the creativity and aspirations of our employees to keep our promise to our customers, shareholders and to the society.

Our Goals

To be the leader in our business.
To sustain a cutler to increase shareholders wealth.
To create finical and career opportunities for our employees.
To have world class management system.
To be environmentally friendly in our operations.
To serve our customers beyond their expectations.
To foster continual improvement through best practices.

Values we believe in

Good governance.